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A União Económica e Monetária e o Euro

Key policy makers and contacts

The Directorates-General

  • Economic and Financial Affairs DG
    The Economic and Financial Affairs DG works mainly on economic policy – whereas monetary policy is the responsibility of the European Central Bank. Its major role is in monitoring the economic performance of the member states, and in that respect it publishes economic forecasts for the Union as a whole and for individual member states twice a year, in spring and autumn. It also sets broad economic policy guidelines, which member states are supposed to follow in developing national economic policies. Establishing the degree of convergence amongst member states is another responsibility of the DG, and it reports annually on the preparedness of those member states which are not yet in the euro to adopt the single currency. And in the fiscal policy arena, DG ECFIN prepares actions under the excessive deficit procedure to bring member states whose budget deficit exceeds 3% of GDP back into line.
    Tel : +32 (0)2 295 26 58
    Mobile : +32 (0)498 952 658

The Commissioners and their Spokespersons

  • Olli Rehn
    Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs.
    Tel : +32 (0)2 295 26 58
    Mobile : +32 (0)498 952 658
    Fax : +32 (0)2 295 14 13

Other Bodies and Press Contacts

  • Jean-Claude Trichet
    Jean-Claude Trichet president of the ECB, left his job as governor of the Bank of France to join the European Central Bank in 2003.
    Director of communications:
    Elisabeth Ardaillon-Poirier

    Head of press and information:
    Regina Karoline Schüller
    Tel: +49 69 13 44 74 55
  • European Central Bank
    European Central Bank is the central bank for Europe’s single currency, the euro. The ECB’s main task is to maintain the euro’s purchasing power and thus price stability in the euro area. The ECB is headed by a president who is appointed by the Council with the agreement of the European Parliament.
    Requests for information and publications:
    Media and journalist requests:
    Tel: +49 69 1344 7455

European Parliament and EP Committees Press Contacts

Council of the European Union and Press Contacts

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