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Key policy makers and contacts

The Directorates-General

  • Fisheries and Maritime Affairs DG
    The Fisheries and Maritime Affairs DG ensures the implementation of the Commission's political priorities in the areas of fisheries, the Law of the Sea and Maritime Affairs. It manages the development and implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy.
    Oliver DREWES
    Tel : +32 (0)2 299 24 21
    Mobile : +32 (0)498 980 081
  • Environment DG
    The Environment DG is the main Commission department initiating and defining new environmental legislation and to ensuring that the agreed measures are put into practice across the 27 member states. Its mission includes the promotion of sustainable development, safeguarding the rights of future generations to a viable, healthy environment, working towards a high level of environmental and health protection, improving citizens' quality of life and promoting effective management of common environmental resources.
    Joe HENNON
    Tel : +32 (0)2 295 35 93
    Mobile : +32 (0)498 953 593

European Parliament and EP Committees Press Contacts

  • Fisheries (FISH)

    Press officer:
    Isabel Nadkarni
    Brussels: Tel. +32 2 283 2198 / 32 498 98 33 36
    Strasbourg: Tel. +33 3 8817 6758

Council of the European Union and Press Contacts

  • Environment Council
    The Environment Council is composed of environment ministers who meet about four times a year. It decides on EU's environment legislation by qualified majority in codecision with the European Parliament.
    Press officer for Environment; Education, Youth and Culture; Development Cooperation
    Susanne KIEFER
    Tel: +32 2 281 94 42
    GSM: +32 473 92 33 08
  • Agriculture and Fisheries Council
    The Agriculture and Fisheries Council brings together once a month the Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries and the European Commissioners responsible for agriculture and rural development, fisheries and maritime affairs as well as consumer health and protection.
    Press officer for Agriculture and Fisheries:
    Carole Micmacher Grandcolas
    Tel: +32 2 281 5389
    GSM: +32 477 674 399
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